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Government Office Relocation

Solutions for Government or Military Offices Facing Relocation

At Nilson Van & Storage we take your move as seriously as you do. When that move is a government or military office relocation, there is much more to think about. There are certain procedures that must be followed and precautions taken from a need for security and efficiency.

Many of your materials, files, and equipment are private and sensitive, and we want to help keep them that way. There are risks associated with deciding on a moving company because you need to make sure that no one cuts corners when it could mean compromising what you need to protect. Nilson Van & Storage can get the job done without compromising your personal or office security.

Assessing Needs and Requirements

Our team of screened, trained experts is dedicated to your relocation from the beginning, ensuring that it will go without a hitch. Before we start packing or moving anything, we complete a pre-move assessment. This assessment includes meeting with any overseeing officials to understand the needs of the move. We find out what you need moved, where you need it, and any parameters for time or coordination of efforts.

Careful, Precise Packing and Unpacking

Any packing or unpacking is done directly by our professional team of movers. By leaving it to the experts, you can minimize risk of error and retain your peace of mind. We pack and unpack with care and caution and will happily follow your specific directions. We cut no corners to save time.

Packing Means Safety and Security

Only the best supplies are used to pack your items. Through containerization, your items will be secure in transit. For items that need special accommodation, we will crate them and ensure everything is sealed and labeled.

Part of the packing process is providing you with a detailed list of packed items and an exact schedule of arrival. Should a need for storage arise, we have over 225,000 square feet of secure storage in the southeast U.S. alone.

Nilson Van & Storage focuses on getting the job done right, and checks to make sure that any paperwork required is completed thoroughly and accurately. Our movers deliver the quality that our customers have come to expect, leaving you satisfied at your destination.

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