Corporate Moves: Things to Know About Relocation Packages

Congratulations on the new job and the corporate move! It’s an exciting time. Do you know what you’re getting? Here are some things to know about a typical relocation package.

It’s a Huge Bonus

Long-distance and international moves can be costly. Most moving companies charge by the weight of the load and distance traveled. When it comes to corporate moves, many people couldn’t afford to move for a job if they had to pay for it themselves. Relocation packages make it possible to take advantage of new jobs and promotions that require relocating to a new place.

They Can Vary by Employee

Different employees get different types of move packages, often depending on their job title and status within the company. Some employees will get a flat fee to cover some expenses while others will get all of their expenses related to their move covered. Often the covered costs are negotiable, especially for higher-level employees.

What the Package Covers

While relocation packages vary, here are some of the basics generally included: •Professional moving company •Professional packing services •Moving supplies including boxes and packing paper More extensive packages can include: •Transporting cars and personal vehicles •Short-term storage •Hotel costs and short-term rental expenses until they find a permanent residence •Airfare •Meals •Rental cars •Realtor fees and closing costs when buying a new home Are you moving for a promotion or a new job? Nilson Van and Storage has extensive experience working with company relocation packages and can help you navigate the process and get you to your destination.

Whether your move is big or small, our skilled movers are dedicated to helping you every step of the way, no matter where life takes you.