CONFIDENTIAL DOCUMENTS! Protecting Your Documents Before A Move

confidential document

Stashing confidential documents in a box with other items is not the safest packing method for a move. By taking a few steps before moving day, you can ensure you are doing everything necessary to protect and safeguard valuable, personal documents and paperwork. Keep reading to learn the best practices for keeping confidential documents confidential during the moving process.

Use a Portable Safe or Lock Box

Purchase a portable safe or lockbox that will provide an additional layer of protection during transport. You can use color-coded folders and tabs to organize documents and then lock them up and put the key in a private place to prevent the documents from getting into the wrong hands.

Rather than tossing the box into the moving truck, always keep it with you or with a responsible friend or family member.

Choose a Moving Company That Is Dedicated to Security

Who you hire to move your office or home will make all the difference when it comes to safety, security, and confidentiality. Before you choose a team for the project, inquire about their policies for handling confidential documents and information. They should have policies and procedures in place to protect any sensitive data or paperwork. If they downplay the significance of confidentiality, this is a red flag to look for a different moving company.

Turn to Nilson Van and Storage for Trusted, Professional Services

The team at Nilson Van and Storage respects your need for privacy and will take all the necessary steps to keep your confidential documents safe and secure. To learn more about our professional moving services or to request an estimate, contact Nilson Van and Storage today.

Whether your move is big or small, our skilled movers are dedicated to helping you every step of the way, no matter where life takes you.