Checklist for Planning an Office Relocation

Oh, the office relocation -- it's a mixture of excitement, chaos, and stress -- potentially a whole lot of stress if you haven't planned properly. But our pro moving team at Nilson Van is here to help you get organized for the big move. Our decades of experience have shown us that if you fine-tune your moving checklist and have the right movers in place, you will be able to eliminate most of the stress and chaos, and focus instead on the excitement. Let's take a look at three important items you need to have on your office relocation checklist.

A Moving Timeline

To ensure everyone in your office is on the same page, it's important to provide a packing and moving timeline for your staff. Provide a document that includes the dates they will need to pack up their belongings and prepare their computers and desks, as well as the final date they will be working in the existing office. By keeping them in the loop and outlining the expectations you have for their participation in the move, you will avoid confusion and chaos.

Wrap Up the Desks

An easy way to secure desks and filing cabinets, including the items inside them, is to wrap them up with plastic wrap. If they can lock, do that first, but using the wrap provides another layer of security. It's much easier to do the "wrap-up" than it is to have each employee unload their desks and cabinets into large boxes.

Use a Labeling System

Another great way to stay organized is to use a consistent labeling system on each piece of furniture and equipment. The labels will correlate with the doors at the new office location, so there is no confusion as to where each piece will go.

Get Your Office Relocation Right with Nilson Van

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