9 Pro Tips to Nail Your Next Move

Uncover pro tips to nail your next residential move from those who do it every day. Whether you are moving for the first or twenty-first time, we have pro tips to help you nail your next residential move. Moving is a pain, but those who repeatedly do it get better at it because they learn something new from challenging experiences. Those who work as professional movers deal with moves every day and can help you get it right.

What to Do One Month or More before Your Next Move

  • Schedule your movers/packers as far in advance as possible to ensure the dates you want.
  • Invest time in organizing and decluttering. Many of the things in your home go unused from year to year and can be re-homed rather than moved.

Packing Pro Tips

  • Make sure drawers that will stay filled during a move have no breakable, spillable, valuable, or sentimental items in them.
  • If doing DIY packing, start with the basement, attic or garage and then pack one room at a time.
  • If you have professional packers handling your move, be sure to group boxes properly to help things go more efficiently.
  • Clearly mark all boxes, and add a special marking to indicate those that should take priority when opening.
  • Create a first-night box to carry with you or load last onto the truck. It should include toilet paper, hand soap, towels, some cleaning products, shower curtain, basic hygiene products, disposable plates and cutlery, and snacks.

Bonus Moving Tips

  • Know the basics of your new city or town before you get there. Online resources make it easy to discover the favorite pizza place, local grocery stores and more.
  • Move the following items yourself: prescription drugs, collections, family photos, important papers, cash, moving documents, and jewelry.
Take the stress out of your next residential move by handing it over to the professionals. Contact our team at Nilson Van today to get a free quote on your move.

Whether your move is big or small, our skilled movers are dedicated to helping you every step of the way, no matter where life takes you.