6 Foolproof Tactics to Get the Most out of Your Moving Company

Your moving company can take the stress out of your move and help you manage an overwhelming experience. However, no two moving companies are alike. So what should a customer do to get the most out of their moving company? We’ve found six foolproof tactics to maximize the process:
    1. Treat your movers with kindness. Welcome them into your home and have a variety of snacks and drinks available for them.
    2. Communicate with them about your expectations for the move and then let them do their jobs.
    3. Get organized before they arrive. Everything should be in the correct room. Any downsizing and decluttering should be complete. This will expedite the efforts to get your home packed.
    4. Label items that will go to an alternate destination, like storage. Movers can deliver to more than one final destination, but these very clear labels make sure items get to the proper place.
    5. Disassemble furniture to save time. Your movers can spend their time taking apart your furniture, or they can focus on more important things, such as packing boxes.
    6. Be ready for the moving company to start when they arrive on the scheduled day. This means being out of bed and dressed. Breakfast should be over. Children and pets should be elsewhere to make things easier for everyone.
Get the most out of your moving company by using these foolproof tactics. To get moving services you can trust, you need a company that has experience on its side. Contact our expert team at Nilson Van & Storage now to get a quote on your next move.

Whether your move is big or small, our skilled movers are dedicated to helping you every step of the way, no matter where life takes you.