5 Signs of Reputable International Moving Companies

Moving to another state can be stressful and complicated in itself, but who should you count on for help when moving internationally? You definitely shouldn’t just give your money (and possessions) to the first company you see. So how do you pick the moving company that’s right for the job? How can you trust you are picking a company that will leave you with a smile on your face and a job well done for this important move?

Here are 5 examples of what a reputable international moving company looks like:

1.The company has been around for a while.

If the company you are considering to move you to another country hasn’t been in business long, then you might want to be wary. Similarly, if you can’t find any buzz about the company, either in the Yellow Pages, online, or in any discussion forum, you should keep shopping. Reputable companies will have been around long enough to establish a good name in their local area.

2.Positive feedback or reviews.

Research the company, and consider where the reviews are posted and what the reviewer is saying. If someone posts a negative comment about something that isn’t relevant to what the company does, then obviously that comment shouldn’t be considered. Some negative feedback can be overlooked, as long as there is more positive out there than negative.

3.The company is BBB accredited.

Search the company name and address in the Better Business Bureau’s database. The BBB will track any negative reviews or any fraudulent activity, and will let you know how quickly those occurrences were resolved. A respectable business will have a rating of at least an “A,” but A+ is even better.

4.The company hires pre-screened employees and keeps customer satisfaction a top priority.

A respected company runs efficient screening and background tests for its employees, to ensure customer satisfaction is high.

5.The company is a member of the local Chamber of Commerce.

This is not a requirement to make a business reputable, but it is definitely a sign that a business is highly respected in its community. You can find out if a company is part of the local Chamber of Commerce by contacting the company directly.

Research any moving company you are interested in using, especially for something as significant and complicated as an international move. When you are ready to get serious about finding the right team to help you with moving internationally, contact our friendly team of professionals at Nilson Van & Storage.

Whether your move is big or small, our skilled movers are dedicated to helping you every step of the way, no matter where life takes you.