5 Pro Tips When Moving Offices

How bad can commercial moves be? Prevent the worst accidents with these simple tips. Commercial moves leave plenty of room for major mistakes. You could end up with broken furniture, lost files, and damaged electronics, just to name a few. Handling these jobs the wrong way puts your business at risk. Prevent catastrophe with the following five tips.

1. Use Specialty Moving Supplies

It’s common to try to avoid extra costs by packing items without proper protection. However, there are benefits to putting everything in its own box. Computers, equipment, artwork, and other odds and ends are safer in boxes. They’re also easier to load, unload, and keep organized, which makes your move faster and reduces your downtime.

2. Opt for Professional Packing

One easy way to get all the supplies you need is by hiring a moving company for full-service relocation. We’ll securely pack your items before loading them on the moving trucks. Once at your new location, we’ll unload boxes, move them to their intended positions, and put together or install items as needed.

3. Connect Utilities in Advance

Many commercial accounts allow you to run electricity, water, phone, internet, and other services in two locations for a short time. This allows you to ensure everything is in working order before you sign off on the delivery.

4. Coordinate with Everyone Involved in the Move

How long it takes to move your office impacts the price in more ways than one. You want to keep things moving on a tight schedule to minimize your costs and your operational downtime. Unfortunately, delays are easy when someone is out of the loop. It’s essential for the following people to communicate:
  • Business owner
  • Office manager
  • Property manager
  • Moving truck driver
Lengthy delays could require storing your items temporarily, leading to extra costs and wasted time.

5. Work with Experienced Commercial Movers

The challenges of moving an office from one location to the next may be too daunting for amateur movers. It’s important to hire a business with commercial moving experience. Not only can you trust the job to be fully insured in case of accidents, but you’ll have extra help ensuring your transition goes as smoothly as possible. Contact the pros at Nilson Van and Storage for a quote for your commercial move.

Whether your move is big or small, our skilled movers are dedicated to helping you every step of the way, no matter where life takes you.