5 Items You Should Dispose of Before Moving Your Business

shredding documents

When moving your office, there are likely many concerns and worries that go through your mind. Before the move, you need to make crucial decisions to ensure your business will be up and running as quickly as possible after you arrive at the new location. For example, if your business has been in the same space for years, you may have accumulated items you no longer need. Or perhaps some of your existing business items won’t be appropriate for your new office space. Disposing of such items now will make your move easier and keep your business running efficiently.

Consider Disposing of These Items

Here is a list of five types of items you may want to consider getting rid of before moving your business. Depending on the items, you can sell, donate, or recycle:

  1. Outdated or obsolete computers, printers, CDs/DVDs, and other electronic equipment or hardware
  2. Furniture or office equipment that won’t fit into or match your new office setting
  3. Decorative pictures or knick-knacks you don’t necessarily want or need
  4. Files, reports, magazines, books, and other paper items
  5. Promotional items, such as coffee mugs or t-shirts, with your old address

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