5 Benefits of a Full-Service Mover You May Not Know

Whether your move is across town or the country, the benefits of a full-service mover are tremendous. Just the reduction in stress alone is a major reason to choose full-service movers. But there are other perks to that you will love:

1.The Speed of the Move

When homeowners choose to do a move on their own, it often takes months to completely pack up the house and days to get things in the right place upon arrival at the new house. However, with full-service movers houses get packed up in a day. Everything is carefully labeled and set up at the new home just as fast.

2.Delivery Where You Want It

You can get items delivered to two different locations. If some of your belongings are going to storage or a different location, your movers will use different color tags when packing and deliver the right items to the right places.

3.Unpacking and Set Up

Another of the benefits of full-service movers is that they unpack and set up your home upon arrival at your new address. For busy households it is ideal, saving tremendous amounts of time. You can be up and functional in no time.

4.Safety of Your Belongings

Full-service movers are professionals who can safeguard your belongings as you move from one location to another. A rented moving truck is a huge target for thieves who see them as an opportunity to take advantage of exhausted individuals who may not have taken the proper precautions to secure the vehicle. With full-service movers, you have the bonus of all your goods insured against loss.

5.Save Yourself

Moving is physically hard. Even for those who are in shape, moving can be physically taxing and can lead to injury. By hiring full-service movers, you save wear and tear on your body and your belongings as your move is in the hands of professionals who do such moves on a daily basis. A move is easily one of the most stressful situations for you. Minimize the stress of moving and enjoy the many other benefits a full-service mover can deliver. Contact our team of expert movers at Nilson Van & Storage now to get a price quote on your upcoming move.

Whether your move is big or small, our skilled movers are dedicated to helping you every step of the way, no matter where life takes you.