4 Questions to Ask the Professionals to Prepare For Your International Move

Ask the right questions to ensure an easy move abroad. International moves amplify the already abundant concerns homeowners have when they relocate. As you prepare for your move abroad, be sure to ask these essential questions:

1. How do you determine the cost of the move?

Your mover's quote may not be entirely accurate, as there remain certain unknowns that you won't find out until the day of the move. However, the quote should give you a pretty good idea of expected costs. Ask your moving company about the various factors considered when determining the initial quote, and what additional factors go into the final price.

2. What items am I not allowed to bring into my new country?

While your clothes, books, furniture and other belongings will easily make it through customs, certain possessions may not cross customs into various countries. This is especially true for firearms or other assorted weapons. Customs may also bar you from bringing certain plants, animals, or natural resources that could pose a threat to your new habitat.

3. What are my options for insuring my belongings?

An international move is a rigorous ordeal for your possessions. Despite the best of care, certain items might not make it to the intended destination. Safeguard your belongings by evaluating all your moving insurance options beforehand and selecting the coverage that is right for you. The peace of mind of knowing your valuables have adequate protection will be well worth the price.

4. Do you have any options for storage?

It may not be realistic to move all your items into your new living space as soon as you arrive in your new country. Large items sometimes need special arrangements. Be sure to ask about storage options in your new country. You need to have a game plan in case your new abode isn't as spacious as you initially thought. Curious as to the role Nilson Van & Storage experts will play in your international move? Contact us today to learn more about our international moving services.

Whether your move is big or small, our skilled movers are dedicated to helping you every step of the way, no matter where life takes you.