4 Foolproof Tips for a Cross-Country Move

If you are planning a cross-country move, follow these four foolproof tips to make the move as smooth as possible. A cross-country move will really test your mettle. Here are four foolproof tips to make the task a bit easier.

#1 Plan, Plan, Plan

The better organized you are, the better off you'll be. Begin at least three months ahead, if possible, by making or downloading checklists. Get estimates from moving companies and plan the moving dates. Also, it's time to begin to collect moving materials and start to go through your belongings.

#2 Be Ruthless

Now is the time to clean out those closets, drawers, the basement, garage, and attic. The cost of a long-distance move depends on weight – and everything weighs something. If you don't love it, haven't used it, or don’t need it, then don’t take it. Make piles in each room labeled donate, discard, or pack. That way, when it comes time to pack you will have already gone through everything.

#3 Hire an Experienced, Reputable Moving Company

Cost is a factor, but the cheapest isn’t necessarily best. Do plenty of research and ask lots of questions before you make your final decision. A cross-country move is stressful enough without having to deal with a scam or inexperienced movers.

#4 Consider Your New Space

Will your new home be smaller or a different style than your current one? Perhaps that oversized sectional couch just won’t fit in your new home. Decide NOW not to take it. Maybe you’ll have less wall space to hang pictures. Will the kitchen have enough storage space for all those appliances you seldom use? Be thoughtful about what you take with you. When there is a cross-country move in your future, call us at Nilson Van & Storage for expert advice and a free estimate. We’ll give you peace of mind knowing that your precious belongings are in secure hands.

Whether your move is big or small, our skilled movers are dedicated to helping you every step of the way, no matter where life takes you.