3 Ways We Make Military Storage Easy

Military moves can be complicated, and so can any military storage needs that go with them. Military personnel face deployment or relocation at any time. Whether it’s across the country or across the world, you might find yourself needing storage for your belongings. If and when you do, Nilson Van and Storage has got you covered. Take a look at three ways we make military storage easy.

#1: Non-Temporary Storage

At Nilson Van and Storage, we understand that the term “temporary” to military personnel can mean something very different than what it means to civilians when it comes to storage. No matter how long your deployment or long-term training overseas, or if you find yourself in on-base housing that simply isn’t big enough for all of your belongings, we will keep your items stored safely.

#2: The Services You Need

When you receive notice for relocation or deployment, we can handle a short timeline for getting your belongings to storage. If you need packing services, we can provide them, including boxes and packing supplies. Once you’re ready, we will pick up and transport the items for storage and secure them in a climate-controlled facility. You can rest easy knowing your belongings are safe and secure while you’re away.

#3: Peace of Mind

We understand that being in another part of the world can leave you open to anxiety about what you can’t control back home, including your household items. Instead of giving away your stuff or selling it online, keep the things that are important to you. They’ll be here, safe and sound when you return. Moving across the world can be stressful, but we want your storage experience to be a piece of cake. Put your trust in Nilson Van and Storage for your military storage needs, so you can breathe easy knowing your belongings are in good hands.

Whether your move is big or small, our skilled movers are dedicated to helping you every step of the way, no matter where life takes you.