3 Types of Packaging Used by Commercial Movers

How do you prevent loss and damage during commercial moves? Commercial moves can be fraught with problems. Lease issues, utility delays, and stubborn former tenants who refuse to vacate are just a few of the potential hiccups. One thing you shouldn’t have to worry about is lost or broken property. Work with a professional service so you have plenty of protection from bumps and drops.

The following packing supplies will help:

  1. Billions of boxes: If your moving company packs for your commercial move, there’s no doubt you’ll be annoyed by the number of boxes they use. You may even get angry or worry they’re trying to scam you on material costs. They’re not. There’s a good reason behind using so many boxes; they stack easily in a moving van. They’ll also protect your belongings and make unloading faster and more organized.
  2. Moving blankets: A moving blanket is a thick, often insulated blanket used to cover large pieces of furniture and office equipment. They’re useful when an object is too big for boxing or when damage is likely. For instance, an antique writing desk could easily be scratched or gauged by another piece of furniture. A moving blanket is perfect to protect the piece while not interfering with packing or unpacking.
  3. Bubble wrap: Do professional movers use bubble wrap? Absolutely! The material cushions valuables of all kinds. Bubble wrap is also useful when filling empty spaces within larger boxes. This prevents packaged items from banging around while keeping weight as light as possible.
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