3 Tips Guaranteed to Make Your Move Easier

Moving is never easy, but there are ways to simplify and de-stress the process. What you need are some easy to follow tips that can help make it easier. Take a look at our top three guaranteed to help you get through your move without pulling your hair out.

Tip #1: Make a Schedule

The more organized you are, the easier your move will be. Start by making a schedule. As soon as you know you’re moving, set up a calendar with target dates to do things like hiring a moving company, pack your belongings, make all of your arrangements at your new home, and manage everything to leave your current home.

Tip #2: Create a Budget

Creating a budget can help reduce your stress when moving. Get some quotes from moving companies to get you started, so you have a sense of what it will cost. Then build on that with everything else involved in the move, including moving supplies, rent deposits, transportation, hotel, food, pet care, childcare, and cleaning supplies. Avoiding unexpected expenses can help make everything easier.

Tip #3: Pack an “Unpack Me First” Box

Nothing makes moving day more miserable than getting to your destination tired and hungry and then not finding what you need. Packing an “unpack me first” box can reduce that misery. Include things like phone chargers, toilet paper, soap, paper towels, medications, pillows, bedding, and toiletries. You’ll be glad to know exactly where those essentials are when you get to your new place.

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