3 Tips for Moving with Cats

Moving with pets brings with it a set of challenges above and beyond the normal tasks of a residential move. Moving with cats? Well, that’s in a category all its own! Anyone who has cats in his or her life knows that the idea of moving and disturbing the peace and routine for a cat can be a recipe for a super stressful time. Check out these three tips for moving with cats to bring the stress level down for both you and your feline:

Tip #1: Prepare Your Cat for Moving Day

You can begin to familiarize your cat with the idea of moving and having some disruption in their environment and schedule. Doing this in advance can minimize stress when it is go time. For example:
  • Gradually encourage your cat to spend more and more time in the carrier. If he or she is rarely in the carrier and suddenly has to spend the entire day in one, that’s going to lead to one unhappy cat. By letting your cat check out the carrier a little bit each day (preferably while enjoying a treat), you can help her not to be as irritated.
  • Let your cat play with the moving boxes. Being around them before moving day will help cats not to be so skittish and concerned about the invasion of boxes when it’s time to pack.

#2: Protect the Cat’s Routine

Like a child, maintaining routine for your cat during a move is a smart idea. Routines bring comfort and consistency and will help to counteract any anxiety the cat may be experiencing.

#3: Contain the Cat

On moving day, as you or your movers are loading and unloading the truck, it can be far too easy (and tempting) for the cat to bolt out the door or become injured by heavy boxes. Whether it’s time to put the cat in the carrier with a treat and a toy…or you decide it’s best to put them in a bedroom with the door shut, containment is the most effective way to keep the cat safe and secure. Need more tips for moving with a cat? Get all the advice you need for moving with pets from our team at Nilson Van & Storage. Call 800-845-2682 or connect with us online now.

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