3 Tips for an International Move with Pets

How do you keep pets safe during international moves? International moves are stressful on every member of the family, but they’re especially chaotic for furry friends. Pets just don’t understand what’s going on. It’s important someone does in order for everyone to be safe. Here are three tips for moving pets across international lines:

1. Understand quarantine

It’s important to plan your flights carefully when moving a pet from one country to another. There are three classifications of countries when it comes to rabies quarantine: high-rabies, rabies-controlled and rabies-free countries. Your pet might wind up in quarantine, though a rabies titer testing might suffice. Other countries will require a lengthy hold, even if your pet is passing through on a layover, so plan your travel carefully!

2. Have the proper paperwork

Blood tests. Titer tests. Vet forms. Microchipping. Import/Export. Depending on where you are travel, and the countries you’re going through to get there, you will need more or less paperwork. Be sure you check with the airline well in advance of your trip. Also, consider special travel insurance policies. A basic travel insurance policy might not cover delays caused by pet transport mix-ups.

3. Err on the side of caution

The safest place for your pet to travel is beside you in the cabin. Unfortunately, this option only exists for small, extremely well-behaved animals and short flights. Many airlines do not offer any in-cabin travel for international flights. Pets can panic during flight as well, turning the experience into a nightmare for the animal, owner and fellow passengers. Cargo is an expensive option that several airlines have started phasing out for safety reasons. Finally, commercial shippers are now transporting more pets as airlines tighten the rules. International moves don’t have to put your pets -- or your pocketbook -- at risk. Talk to one of our experts at Nilson Van before moving day. Connect with us online now or call 800-845-2682.

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