3 Reasons You Need Professional Packers During a Military Relocation

How many years will military moves take off your life? Save the stress by hiring trusted professionals Military moves are one of the most trying aspects of life for relatives of those in the service. Packing up, moving on and making sure nothing gets lost in the process takes a Herculean effort. Want to minimize stress and hassle? Consider shopping the job out to a reliable company like Nilson Van. Here are three reasons you should call the professionals before your next military move:

1. They have specialty packing materials

You don’t know the meaning of specialty until you see a Nilson Van team pack up a home. They use an impressive array of boxes, packaging and equipment to pack up your property.

2. They’re puzzle masters

Not only do they have tools to get your items safely packed. They also have the skills. In just a few hours, they’ll have your property safely secured in one big block of “stuff” wrapped in cellophane. This giant puzzle makes excellent use of moving van space, but it also helps protect your items. If they can’t shift much during travel, they’re not able to bump into one another and break.

3. Packers offer more protection

Value protection will provide for the repair or replacement of items lost or damaged during a move, but it is at-fault coverage. For instance, you’ll be responsible for damage if you handled packing and didn’t use enough padding. Having professionals ready your shipment saves time. Allowable moving expenses include professional packing services because they’re so helpful. Put these benefits to use! Military moves get complicated fast, and frankly, you’ll have enough to worry about. Take advantage of the services offered by our moving experts at Nilson Van and spend your time on all the moving responsibilities no one else can manage.

Whether your move is big or small, our skilled movers are dedicated to helping you every step of the way, no matter where life takes you.