3 Key Benefits of Purchasing Loss and Damage Protection

If you’re moving, your moving company will offer loss and damage protection. Some people might pass on the protection to save a little money. Before you skip the insurance, take a look at three key benefits of purchasing loss and protection damage you could miss out on.

1. More Coverage

Without loss and damage protection, your belongings are only worth $0.60 per pound per article. That’s what basic released rate liability insurance covers. That’s the basic protection you’ll get with most moving companies. While many people assume the moving company they use covers the full value of their belongings, that’s not generally the case. Released rate liability is standard, and it won’t cover the full cost to replace your items should something happen to them.

2. Coverage for Everything

Full-value coverage covers everything, including art, jewelry, and other valuables. It will cover the cost to replace your items should they get lost, broken, or damaged during your move. With this type of loss and damage protection, you can rest easy knowing that you won’t be in a lurch should something happen to your stuff.

3. Insurance for the What If and You Never Know

Even the best and most reliable moving companies have accidents. Whether it’s on the road or on the truck ramp, you never know when something will go awry. For all of the “what if” and the “you never know” that can come up when you’re moving your entire household, it’s vital to consider complete coverage for your items, just in case. The whole goal of insurance is to provide protection in the event of an accident or incident that results in property or personal damage. When it comes to moving, you want to be sure you’re covered. Nilson Van and Storage has got your back with all the benefits of loss and damage protection. Contact their team of professionals today to schedule a free estimate.

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