3 Benefits of Professional Packers for a Cross-Country Move

What supplies and equipment do you need for long-distance moves? Nilson Van knows. Long-distance moves require more planning than moving to the next dorm or a few towns away. Timing has to be precise to avoid hassles and extra expenses. Then there's the job of transporting your items across long distances in vehicles you probably don't drive day-to-day. Here are three reasons to hire professionals when moving across the country:

1. A box for everything and everything in a box

Except for extremely large pieces of furniture, you can expect professional packers to put all your belongings in boxes. This offers protection while in transit and helps keep things organized when moving from home to moving van and back. Floor lamps, laptops, even wine glasses have their own specific boxes, and a professional moving company has access to them all. Better yet, when hired by the company to pack and unpack, these materials are often included in the cost -- and cleaned up.

2. Get a jumpstart in moving into your new place.

Professional packers will box up items and unbox them at your new destination. Simply inform them where you want items to go, and you'll find your household quickly unpacked and situated in your new home.

3. Your items get coverage under value protection

Purchasing a moving company’s value protection plan doesn’t provide absolute coverage. If you’ve packed flammable materials in the back of the truck and caused a fire, your coverage won’t reimburse you for squat. You might wind up owing the company money. When professional packers are in charge, they take on the liability. Long-distance moves are one of the few downsides of taking a cross-country adventure. Minimize the risks by hiring a professional packing and moving company to do your heavy lifting. At Nilson Van, we are ready to go to work for you to make your residential move as smooth and low-stress as possible.

Whether your move is big or small, our skilled movers are dedicated to helping you every step of the way, no matter where life takes you.