When is the Best Time to Move My Office?

best time to move office

When is the best time to move when dealing with an office relocation? Any time you move your business, it’s tricky. There are several critical considerations. Here’s a quick guide to help you create a plan.

Will You Interrupt Business Operations?

It’s almost impossible to prevent at least some interruption to your business operations when moving and office. The key is to plan for the least disruption possible. Consider your slowest times, when you have the least staff on-site, when the fewest clients and customers rely on your availability, and pick a move date and time based on that.

Is the Infrastructure Ready?

Another consideration for an office move is the infrastructure at your new location. If the new facility isn’t complete, even the final details, it can make moving an office significantly more challenging. You don’t want your employees to navigate through ongoing construction, electrical, and furniture set-up. Plan your move around the readiness of the new location infrastructure.

When Will Your Budget Allow for the Cost of Moving?

If your company is large and has the financial means to move at any time, that’s a huge bonus. But if your business is small, your budget may dictate when you can move your business. The beginning and end of the year is often the most cost-effective time to move with more discounts available than at other times of the year. Availability of your moving company can also drive the cost, and choosing a time when they are not as busy may allow for reduced expenses.

Whether your company is sizing up or sizing down, an office move is a big undertaking, and knowing the best time to move is critical. Contact the team at Nilson Van and Storage today for more guidance that can help you plan well and make your move go smoothly.

Whether your move is big or small, our skilled movers are dedicated to helping you every step of the way, no matter where life takes you.