When Is the Best Time for My Office Relocation?

A successful office relocation is all about timing. Planning and executing an office relocation is a major undertaking. While most offices have significantly less stuff to move than a household, what makes an office move more complicated is the potential disruption to your business. Knowing when to plan an office move is critical to avoid such disruptions. Here are some factors to consider as you prepare to relocate:

Choose a Downtime for Your Office Relocation

When you are looking to move your office, plan it around a natural downtime. If your business has seasonal peaks and valleys, such times should be easy to identify. When fewer customers are reaching out to you, your moving day will be smoother and less disruptive to your bottom line. Consider what your downtime during the week is when planning the actual day. Most businesses have a typical Monday to Friday schedule and find that a Friday afternoon or even weekend move works best when relocating offices.

Make Sure the Professionals Are Available

Before fixing the date of your move, ensure the professionals you need for a successful move are available. This includes an experienced office moving company, a computer technician, and business telephone installers. These people are critical to the success of your move and will ensure there is minimal if any disruption to your day to day tasks. If one of them is not available on your ideal move date, you may want to consider a new date. Moving and needing to wait for computer connections, furniture, or telephone service can cause major business interruptions. Scheduling your office relocation is an exercise in juggling schedules and analyzing when the move will be least disruptive to your organization. Contact our expert movers at Nilson Van now to find out how we can help with your upcoming office relocation.

Whether your move is big or small, our skilled movers are dedicated to helping you every step of the way, no matter where life takes you.