When Is the Best Time for Corporate Relocation?

If you are planning a corporate relocation, getting the timing right is essential. In fact, choosing the wrong time can lead to higher moving costs and scheduling challenges. Keep reading for five tips to help you choose the best time for your company's relocation—whether you are moving across town or to a new city.

#1: Avoid the Weekend

Moving your company in the middle of the week will help you avoid the hassle of a weekend move. Plan for a move on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, avoiding the days closest to the weekend. Your employees will be more likely to assist during the workweek when they don’t have to sacrifice any of their weekend time.

#2: Move Mid-Month

If your company is like most companies, the busiest weeks are at the beginning and end of each month. Moving in the middle of the month can help you avoid those busier times and needlessly overworking your staff. A happier staff makes for a smoother move from beginning to end.

#3: No Afterhours Moves

Moving during business hours only is another way to keep morale high with your employees. Schedule all moving tasks during the business day, so you won’t have disgruntled employees packing boxes and moving after traditional business hours.

#4: Choose the Off-Season

The high season for moving companies is during the summer months. Scheduling your corporate move during peak season may leave you scrambling for a moving team that can fit you into their schedule. Plus, the rates are higher during peak season. The best plan is choosing to move in the spring or fall before or after the busiest moving months.

#5: Avoid Extreme Weather

Weather is another crucial consideration for your company move. Moving during snow or high winds only adds to stress and frustrations and can also put your equipment at risk. Keep your local weather forecast in mind as you schedule your relocation for the best results.

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