What Is the Difference between a Binding and Non-Binding Estimate for a Move?

Providing a moving estimate Interstate residential moves mean that your moving company will be driving a long distance to get your belongings to your new home. When the distance is a factor in your move, weight becomes a significant concern in determining the final cost. Moving companies handle this by writing the contract for your move in one of two ways: as a binding or non-binding estimate. For residential moves, we will briefly discuss the characteristics of a binding and non-binding estimate:

1. Binding Estimate

A binding estimate involves setting a fixed price for your move that will not change on the day of your move. This type of assessment can give you peace of mind by knowing how much you’ll spend ahead of time. However, baseline binding estimates are generally higher to account for weight variances. The challenge with binding estimates is that you must know what will be moved and what will not. If there are new items to move on the day of your move, and those items were outside of the original estimate, you may incur an additional fee. This variable can be overcome by having a clear understanding of what will be moved and what will stay behind. If there are items that aren't readily visible (such as an outdoor tool shed), the moving company may not be able to provide a binding estimate. This uncertainty is because the weight of your belongings, in this case, cannot be accurately determined.

2. Non-Binding Estimate

A non-binding estimate gives you a specific number before your move, but that number may change depending on the final weight of your items on the day of your move. If the final weight of your belongings is higher than the original estimate, you’ll end up paying more for your move. If the weight is lower than the initial estimate, you’ll pay less. If you’re unsure which items are going to be included in your final move or have items that are not visible during your estimate, it may be necessary to perform a non-binding estimate. At Nilson Van, we do our best to give the most accurate estimates for residential moves. Contact one of our moving professionals today to get your moving process in motion.

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