Two Ways Temporary Storage Can Help with Your Office Relocation

You can help your office relocation go more quickly and smoothly by using a temporary storage facility. When you are planning for an office relocation, there’s more going on than the actual move. This is because you have to continue running your business while the move occurs. Temporary storage solutions can help with this transition of offices in several ways, and here are two of them.

Reduce the Chance of Theft

Depending on when the old office will be vacant and the new office ready for business, there can be a period when office contents are in a vacant building. With no one creating a constant presence in the office, the risk of theft can be much higher than if the office has permanent occupants. But how will your business avoid this risk? Temporary storage can help in several ways. First, your office’s contents exist in a location no one will be aware of, besides your work employees. Potential thieves may know of your old or new office's location, but probably not which temporary storage facility you're using. Second, temporary storage facilities are secure in that they are under lock and key and constant surveillance. While a theft at a temporary storage location is still possible, it’s much less likely. Additionally, if it does occur, there should be extra evidence of who’s responsible.

Provide Increased Flexibility for the Moving Date

In an ideal world, you can perfectly time when you leave the office and move into the new office. Unfortunately, coordinating schedules isn't always possible. Therefore, there may be a period when you need to leave the old office, but the new office isn’t quite ready. What can you do? Place the contents from the old office into temporary storage until the new office is for you to move in. If you want to take advantage of some of the benefits of temporary storage for your office relocation, contact the experts at Nilson Van today!

Whether your move is big or small, our skilled movers are dedicated to helping you every step of the way, no matter where life takes you.