The Ultimate Moving Checklist for Singles

Single and moving? How to streamline your moving checklist.

Moving Checklist for IndividualsUtilizing a moving checklist to help with transitions regardless of the distance from one home to the next is an important part of keeping your expenses and stress levels as low as possible. Unfortunately, most moving checklists that you'll find online are for families with larger homes. As a single person, you may feel out of touch with these templates and end up ignoring them entirely instead of searching for a more suitable guideline. If you’re single and moving soon, keep the following moving checklist items in mind:

Hire a Company for Packing and Moving

It may feel a bit strange to hire movers when you live alone, but chances are your home is filled with more fragile and expensive décor than a family's home. Chances are, too, that you don't have moving experience beyond stuffing things in a big box with bubble wrap. You may be very surprised to learn how much it costs to move your whole house packed in inflatable packaging. Once you calculate the costs, you will likely find it's just more affordable to hire a company with the know-how and supplies to prepare your move. At the very least, you can expect fewer broken or missing items once you reach your new destination.

Make Arrangements for Utilities, Security, and Mail

While you might be willing to spend the first few nights in your home without cable or internet, are you willing to risk missing a bill payment because you didn't forward your mail yet? What about going without your security system? Nothing is more devastating than being the victim of a burglary or another crime right after you move into your new home. Ensure that your utilities will be turned on when you arrive, your mail will be forwarded correctly, and provisions have been made for both personal and on-site security.

Purchase One New Thing to Celebrate Your New Home

There's no need to wait for a housewarming party. Put your own spin on your new place by adding one item that's unique to the locale. Deciding on one item only allows you to keep your budget intact, while motivating you to unpack your belongings quickly. Being single doesn't mean you should live like you're staying in a hotel. Your house is an important part of your life, so don't be afraid to invest in this move and in getting your new house in tip-top shape. Infuse your personal style into the décor from day one, and have no regrets over hiring a moving company to help you safely move your belongings. You'll enjoy the convenience and have more time to celebrate your new residence all the while, saving money. Contact Nilson Van to request a professional moving checklist, especially designed with individuals in mind. We will also provide you with a free moving quote or help you to get your moving date on the calendar.

Whether your move is big or small, our skilled movers are dedicated to helping you every step of the way, no matter where life takes you.