Strategies to Help Keep Your Moving Costs Low

Is it possible to decrease your moving costs? Learn tips from the pros on how to minimize your expenditures. Moving costs can set you back a few months financially if you don’t look into ways to cut back when possible. Whether you rack up credit card debt during the move or use up your savings, trying to bounce back after such an expensive time can be difficult; this is especially true as you consider the costs of getting established at your new place. Consider these three strategies to help you keep your moving costs low: #1: Get Free Boxes for Packing Some Items While certain items will require special boxes for safe and secure packing, you should be able to get plenty of boxes for free to pack your non-delicate items. Go to grocery stores and ask if they have any boxes in the back you can take off their hands. You can also post on social media through public posts or local Swap Shops to see if people in your area have boxes available from a recent move. #2: Hire a Professional Moving Company Yes, this may seem like an expensive option at first glance, but when you think about the money an expert moving job can save you, you’ll understand why it’s a good strategy:
  • Avoid having to replace furniture, appliances, electronics and other delicate items—a professional moving team knows exactly how to pack and handle these items safely.
  • No need to take days off from work to pack every single item in your house when you can let the moving team do the job for you.
  • Find the best route to take on your moving trip; it’s amazing how much gas and mileage you can waste on the wrong route or high traffic times. An expert moving company will help you to find the most affordable route.
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