Rules for Moving in the Military

When it comes to moving in the military, you will certainly have to deal with rules and guidelines that are unique to being in the military. It’s also common to experience multiple moves during your military career. While moving in the military can be an overwhelming experience, especially the first time, it helps to know the rules and guidelines before you start the process. Rules for military moves vary depending on your military position and location, but here are some common guidelines you can expect:

Relocation Orders Will Guide You

If there is ever any question regarding your move, you can simply turn to your relocation orders. Those orders will tell you exactly what to do and what forms you need to complete, including the deadlines by which you must complete them. Returning forms to your commanding officer right away is important, as this will keep the process moving forward and keep you in compliance.

Fill Out Forms for Temporary Housing or Storage in Transit

As soon as you know your orders, you will need to fill out the proper paperwork for storage and temporary housing if needed. You can never assume any of those things will be waiting for you unless you complete the forms.

International Move Requires Customs Information

If your relocation is to somewhere other than the United States, you will need customs information. You will also need to ensure you and each person in your family meet the requirements for entry into the specific country.

Get an Experienced Moving Company to Help with Moving in the Military

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