Remember These 3 Things When Packing for a Military Move

Moving is always complicated, but moving in the military is even more so. There’s the pre-inspection, post-inspection, and everything else in between. There are many more steps involved in a military move than a residential move. Time is valuable and you don’t want to get all packed and transferred only to realize you left something vital and important behind at the old residence.

Here are three details to remember on your next military move:

  1. Important papers and moving documents: This includes your orders, inventory forms, any written up wills or power of attorney documents for you or your spouse, birth certificates, social security cards, mortgage or rental agreements, passports, etc. You should always keep these documents, and any copies, in an organized folder and carry it with you, on your person, when moving.
  2. Valuables and other irreplaceable items: Any family heirlooms or jewelry or other expensive items that are valuable to you or irreplaceable should be transported with you on your person. If you have a safe or safety deposit box, make sure you clear them out before the move. Also, any hiding places where you have kept your valuables should be thoroughly checked before leaving, and make sure to grab any cash, purses, wallets, and pocketbooks.
  3. An official inventory of all items you plan on taking with you: There is so much going on in a military move that there may be things lost or left behind in the chaos. It is a good idea to make an inventory list, or even better, take pictures of everything before you pack to keep track of all your possessions. If something gets lost, stolen, broken, or left behind, these pictures will serve as proof of the condition of the items before the move. You can go further with it by organizing the pictures by boxes packed or rooms where the items were kept and keep them in the folder along with your other important paperwork.
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