Practical Guide to Purchasing Moving Liability Coverage

Up your level of protection on your belongings by purchasing moving liability coverage before your next residential move. Did you know that your homeowner’s policy does not cover you if you are in the process of a residential move? Professional movers do provide liability coverage on your items but the company may not cover every type of occurrence or to the full replacement value of your possessions. Before your next move, you should explore the benefits of moving liability coverage.

The Basics of Moving Liability Coverage

Moving liability coverage covers your possessions while they are in transit from one home to the next. It goes above and beyond the standard insurance that comes from your moving company. It allows for the replacement cost of your items and is well worth the investment. For a small percentage of the value of your goods, you can have peace of mind.

Shopping Around for Moving Liability Coverage

If you're in the market for moving liability coverage, it is important to shop around and get a variety of prices. While some moving companies offer moving liability coverage through other companies they have a connection to, most states do not allow it, as they see this as a conflict of interest. An online search for moving liability coverage will produce a variety of companies who specialize in covering the risks of moving. Get no less than three quotes on your policy. Be sure to compare and contrast not just the actual price of the policy but things like deductibles and exclusions as well. Before choosing the company you will do business with, do some research on it. By contacting the Better Business Bureau and independent ratings companies like AM Best and JD Power and Associates, you will be able to find out how easy the company is to deal with, how financially stable it is, and its reputation for caring for its clients. Moving liability coverage is a smart investment. Before your next residential move, take a realistic inventory of your belongings and find the right moving liability coverage company to protect what you have worked so hard to purchase. Contact our team of moving experts at Nilson Van now to learn more about how we can make your next move easier.

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