Moving Guide: Post Office Move Checklist

Did you just move to a new office location? Getting organized for the move is quite an undertaking. One of the biggest and most important projects is making sure you update your address with everyone who has your information. This can seem daunting, but the post office has information that can make things easier. Here’s a handy guide to help you out.

Address Change with USPS

The first thing to do is change your address with the United States Postal Service. Doing this will allow for them to forward mail from your old address to your new one without interruption of service. They’ll need your name, email address, phone number, current mailing address, and new mailing address. You’ll also need to determine when you want forwarding to begin.

Address Changes with Everyone Else

The post office will forward your mail for free for one year, but after that, the post office could return any mail sent to your old address. Because of this, it’s important to change your address with everyone who sends you mail. Here’s a quick checklist to help:

  • Utilities, energy, and water
  • Cable, satellite, or streaming service providers
  • Telephone, cell service, and internet providers
  • Banks, credit card companies, mortgage companies, and other financial institutions
  • Insurance companies
  • Newspapers, magazines, and other subscription services
  • Clubs, organizations, and other membership affiliations

In addition to information from the post office, a reliable and experienced mover can provide you with lots of tips for an easy and organized move. For the best mover in the area, contact the team at Nilson Van and Storage for help navigating through the process.

Whether your move is big or small, our skilled movers are dedicated to helping you every step of the way, no matter where life takes you.