Moving Equipment: It’s More Than Just a Handcart and a Tape Gun

Do you have all the moving equipment and supplies you need?

Moving Equipment One of the best features of a professional moving company is the amount of moving equipment they already own. Depending upon the help you need, you might save more money hiring a crew to complete your move out. You could rent or borrow certain items, but no one wants to purchase hand trucks or car ramps to use just one time. Consider your property carefully before you decide to go DIY. Here's a list of the moving equipment you may find coming in handy during your next move:
  • Dollies can be surprisingly convenient, affordable, and versatile. If you’re renting a moving van, you’ll likely find one inside. Just be careful you read the fine print of your agreement. Using the rental may wind up costing you more in fees than if you purchased a dolly for yourself.
  • Hand trucks are often mistaken for dollies. They consist of a ground-level platform with wheels and a back with a handle. These also come in lifting and electronic varieties, and can make moving appliances, boxes, and other heavy items especially easy.
  • Ramps are an often-forgotten piece of moving equipment. They make moving dollies and hand trucks up and down stairs, over curbs and into moving vehicles easy.
  • Moving straps and blankets are used to cover furniture, appliances, and other property to secure and protect them from damage during the moving process.
  • Moving boxes and containers can come in all kinds of materials, shapes, and sizes. Containers can be especially helpful if they're made specifically for one type of item. For instance, there are containers designed for flat screen televisions and monitors and also ones for packing fine china.
  • Tape! In fact, stock up on more tape than you can even imagine needing, because even if you have more than you need for your move, you'll use it eventually. You don't want to have to buy tape from a moving company, when you could get it on your own for less.
In addition to having these items, a professional moving company knows how to use them. When you're paying for these services, you're also paying for their expertise. Using specialty devices, professional movers can safely pack your items together in the smallest space possible. They can also do it quickly and with no strain to your back or muscles. Talk to the experts at Nilson Van about the moving equipment available to you, and compare how much extra it will cost to move when renting these products comes into play.

Whether your move is big or small, our skilled movers are dedicated to helping you every step of the way, no matter where life takes you.