How Quickly Can a Military Move Be Organized?

Movers Packing a Kitchen One of the best-known facts about the military is that you will be moving in the military a lot. Military personnel are moved from base to base depending on the needs of their branch and their job, and it can be extremely difficult to settle in one place, only to uproot and go elsewhere a year or two later.

How Is Moving While in the Military Different from Moving as a Civilian?

Every year, more than half a million active-duty U.S. service members move in the United States. In general, Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders are given for the summer months. Peak military moving season runs from late May through August each year, with the highest volume scheduled between Memorial Day and the 4th of July. It’s a good thing if you have children, as a move during the summer months will mean minimal disruptions while the school year is underway; however, it can be extremely stressful to attempt to get a move date that is optimal for you and your family. Unless you’re living in government-provided housing, moving while in the military is similar to moving as a civilian. One major exception is your ability to call on your base transportation office. The actual agency that will handle your relocation will vary depending on your branch of service, but the sooner you apply for your specific move dates, the more likely you will have those dates approved.

Tips for Making Your Military Move Easier

Regardless of whether you are civilian or military, moving is never a simple task. But moving in the military brings up some unique challenges. In addition to meeting with the base transportation office, here are some tips for handling your military relocation, making the process easier along the way:
  • Reach out to your new location’s family center. Learn everything you can about the area (if it’s a new area to you) and what it offers, as well as any relocation assistance programs offered by the center.
  • If you live in government quarters, notify them as soon as possible about your new orders. Make sure you understand their requirements for clearing out your living space.
  • Make an appointment with your base’s finance office. They will help you learn about any relocation benefits you may qualify for, as well as ease the financial strain moving may cause you.
  • Make a checklist. There is no surer way of causing yourself unnecessary stress than not having things organized. Check out various sites like for examples of checklists you can use to keep on top of the details without getting too overwhelmed.

A Military Move Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult!

Unlike moving while a civilian, moving while in the military presents multiple challenges. One is that you may have a limited amount of time before you are required to relocate. Another challenge is knowing what to pack, where to store things you won’t need, and how to locate resources that will help you. Fortunately, there are both online and on-base resources that can assist you with relocation benefits, getting your optimal moving dates, and information about where you are moving to so you can acclimate to your new surroundings. Here at Nilson Van & Storage, we want to help make your military relocation as smooth as possible. When you’re planning to move, contact us for an estimate. We will do a visual survey; this way if you are moving out of state we should be able to provide you a guaranteed priced quote. And not just a guess, based on minimal information. Contact our team of moving in the military experts to get started today.

Whether your move is big or small, our skilled movers are dedicated to helping you every step of the way, no matter where life takes you.