How Much Prep Work is Required Before the Furniture Moving Companies Swoop In

How much is too much to ask of furniture moving companies?

Moving Prep Work Furniture moving companies are paid to pack, load, and haul your goods, but this can leave many homeowners uncomfortable. Standing around watching strangers strain their backs to lift your furniture can leave you feeling guilty for looking like a lazy taskmaster of sorts. The key to escaping this effect isn't by leaving the house. It's learning how much prep work you're really expected to do before they show up so they can do exactly what they're supposed to do without delay. Focus on a few simple ways you can ready your property for a move and make your movers feel appreciated.
  • Place similar items together. You might have hired a company to pack and transport each room of your house separately, but there are still random items that could go anywhere (and often do). Miscellaneous items should all be placed together. The same goes for garden tools, holiday supplies, and numerous other mixed item groups.
  • Pick up around the house. Believe it or not, some people expect furniture moving companies to work around their mess. This seriously delays and interrupts the packing process. It also increases your chances that your garbage will be packed along with your goods. Avoid paying to ship candy wrappers across state lines. Do your best to contain your mess before movers arrive.
  • Provide refreshments. Surely you want movers in and out of your home as quickly as possible, but they are still guests in your home. If a day is especially hot and humid, or cold and clammy, provide appropriate refreshments for your moving team. This could include chilled bottles of water, coffee, and crackers or other light snacks. Also provide a clearly labeled receptacle for collecting related trash.
Hiring someone to move your furniture can be awkward, but it's important to respect the boundaries of their jobs. Getting involved generally creates more problems than it's worth and can lead to improperly packed items. Call 800-845-2682 to schedule a date with one of the best furniture moving companies in your area.

Whether your move is big or small, our skilled movers are dedicated to helping you every step of the way, no matter where life takes you.