How Much Does Military Storage Cost?

Learn how to reduce your storage expenses when moving in the military.

Storage Consultation Moving in the military often includes temporary storage when you're overseas. There are items you can’t move out of the United States—because of export laws and because it would be too expensive. You can store those items while you’re away at no expense to you as long as you follow a few simple measures. Make sure you get the best value from your storage company by following these steps:
  • Choose a company based on credentials. If you've been surprised by your moving orders, you may want to get things scheduled and out of the way. Just make sure you take the time needed to find a company with experience in storing goods, as well as moving them. You can work with two different companies, but with the quality options available in the Columbia area, there’s really no need. Talk with companies, make sure they can handle the job and then get your plans squared away.
  • Watch weight limits. The military will pay for up to 18,000 lbs. of your goods to be moved and stored. Certain members will be able to receive an additional 2,000-lb. allowance for business materials. However, whether you’re at an 18,000- or 20,000-lb. limit, you are responsible for any overage. Talk to your shipping company about determining the weight of your goods and how they handle billing for any amount over your limit.
  • Schedule multiple services, if needed. Chances are, you'll be taking some of your belongings with you on your move, even if you also need to hire storage. The military will cover more than one shipment, but the weight limit is cumulative. If you’re over your weight limit before your move is complete, it may be in your best interest to pare down your belongings.
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