4 Tips to Preserving Your Valuables During Your Office Move

It can feel like a challenge to keep your valuables safe and secure during an office move. Employees may be tempted to throw everything in boxes to expedite the process. Before you begin packing up for your relocation, consider these four tips from the moving professionals to preserve your valuables and minimize the risk of damage, so everything makes it to your new office in one piece.

#1: Take an Inventory of All Valuables

Let’s face it, an office relocation can feel chaotic at times. The best plan of action is to take a thorough inventory of all valuables before you pack a single box. Use a spreadsheet to create a list of each item, including the item name, box number, and where it should go upon arrival at the new office. Don’t forget to take a photo of each item. If something should happen during transit, you will be glad to have the photo for insurance.

#2: Store Critical Items Until You Are in the New Office

In some cases, utilizing storage services makes the most sense for your high-dollar valuables and equipment. This is especially true if you are dealing with a long-distance relocation or one that is taking place over several days. Choosing a reputable storage company will give you peace of mind, keeping your valuables secure and safe until you are settled in your new office space.

#3: Consider Taking Out Additional Insurance Coverage

It’s never a bad idea to take out additional insurance coverage for costly valuables. Check with your moving company to find out what kind of insurance coverage options they offer. Insurance will provide an extra layer of protection in case of damage during transit.

#4: Let the Professional Movers Pack the High Dollar Items

The ultimate tip to protect your office valuables is to trust a professional moving company with the packing and moving process. Using inexperienced employees to pack up your office may lead to less than desirable results. The professionals have the expertise and packing materials to keep your items safe.

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