Does it Cost More to Use a Full-Service Mover on a Military Move?

Moving in the military can be much cheaper than you're expecting.

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Moving in the military is surprisingly inexpensive, even when you hire full-service movers. In fact, you're more likely to suffer from bloated expenses and nasty surprises when you try to manage things on your own. It's important to remember that money spent directly on supplies, moving van rentals and gas isn't all you aim to lose with a DIY move.

Consider all the benefits a full-service mover has to offer:

  • Expertly designed schedules keep your move on track. Military moves can be nerve-wracking, especially the first time around. Learn the ropes with an experienced professional. From start to finish, they'll keep you on course.
  • Packing services allow for maximum protection and efficient shipping. Moving companies don't just have all the supplies and equipment needed to move your belongings, their workers have been trained on the best way to pack. This helps the job go faster, and because every inch of van space will be utilized, the moving company will likely be able to use a smaller truck or van with lower operating costs.
  • The pros make it easy to split shipments. If you're moving in the military, you may need a portion of your items placed in storage or sent home to your parents. Splitting shipments is easy and affordable when the pros are part of your plan.
  • Moving companies can often offer you secure short-and long-term storage.Instead of having to find your own storage units, when it's needed, your moving company can provide you with a security storage location for your belongings. You can often get specialty services as well, like temperature-controlled units, at a big savings.
  • You're reimbursed for lost and broken items. Nilson Van is a trusted name in the moving business because we don't just do an outstanding job, we stand behind it with a guarantee. If your load is lost, stolen or damaged, our coverage will help you recover your losses. That's a safety net you won't have if you're doing everything on your own.

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