Do NOT Pack These 4 Dangerous Items During a Move

Are you packing for a move to a new home? It’s easy to want to throw everything in boxes and get it over with. But be careful about what you’re packing. There are some dangerous items you want to be sure to leave out. Here are four of them.

#1: Anything Flammable

To avoid the potential for fire, don’t put anything flammable in boxes that are going on a moving truck. Things like gasoline, motor oil, lighter fluid, paint, and ammunition are no-no’s when packing.

#2: Anything Corrosive

You don’t want a spill in a box to damage your other belongings and cause a hazard. Keep acid, fertilizer, pesticide, cleaning solvents, and car batteries out of your boxes that your movers are putting on the moving van.

#3: Chemicals and Items Under Pressure

It seems normal to pack things like hairspray and nail polish remover, but it’s best to leave chemicals and materials that are under pressure out when packing. These types of items also include aerosol cleaners, ammonia, bleach, pool chemicals, and propane tanks.

#4: Perishable Items

While not inherently dangerous, it’s a good idea to leave behind, throw away, or give away any perishable items. Not only could they rot, spill, or crush, causing damage, but they could attract pests. This is a short list of some dangerous or hazardous items most moving companies require you to leave out or move on your own. To find out more about what you can and cannot put on a moving van, talk to the experts at Nilson Van and Storage. Contact them today for information on residential moves and to schedule a free estimate.

Whether your move is big or small, our skilled movers are dedicated to helping you every step of the way, no matter where life takes you.