Curious About International Movers? Here’s How They Get Your Stuff from Point A to Point B

Are your international movers trustworthy?

International Movers International movers often handle large jobs, and when using the wrong service, it's easy to see why you might lose track of your goods in the moving process. Some companies subcontract to the lowest-priced service providers in foreign locations. This can lead to damaged, lost, or delayed shipments resulting in large fines for moving items incorrectly across country borders.

Good Movers Know the Laws on Importing

Subcontracting services is the way to go, sometimes. Contacts within a country can be the best source for navigating through moving rules and regulations. Problems arise when your international movers disregard the law and get caught in the process. Unfortunately, you are the one who will often wind up facing the penalties.

Good Movers Have a System

International moves can get very complicated rather quickly, so trust companies when they present plans you think might be too overboard, as they are likely planning for any eventuality. Deadlines and schedules can make or break a move, so by following their advice during the planning and prep stages, you will come out ahead.

The International Moving Process

Once your items are packed and hauled off, they're typically moved into heavy-duty shipment containers at shipyards, and then loaded onto boats. It's during this stage when accidents often occur and property gets damaged. Why? It's because cranes are hard to navigate delicately, and complex machinery is being used to move your belongings around. When the boat lands near your new destination, the contents may be taken into state custody for observation. Government agents can go through shipments looking for contraband of all sorts. If banned items are found in your shipment, you could face fines, interrogation, or worse. This is also the stage where you may have to pay to bring certain things into the country, which can wind up costing a pretty penny. Make sure you work with movers who can give you an idea of what these payments will run in advance. When your property finally arrives at your destination, expect the company to bring it to your new home. During unloading and unpacking, you'll have a chance to review your property, checking for problems. This will generally be compared to a master list to ensure that none of your property is missing. International movers have a huge job to do, and only a few do it right. Call Nilson Van and schedule the job immediately. They have the experience and reputation you'll find easy to trust.

Whether your move is big or small, our skilled movers are dedicated to helping you every step of the way, no matter where life takes you.