Can I Track My Employee’s Shipment During Relocation?

Keep business relocations simple by working with the right partners.

Moving Truck Traveling Across the Countryside

Who said business relocations have to be complicated? You can keep your finger on the pulse of your new employee’s move with very little effort by working with a reliable network of packing, storage, and moving service providers.

The process of keeping track of an employee’s shipment can be fairly simple. Just ask your movers the following questions:

  • Do you have a tracking system? You’d be surprised at the big name moving companies with no tracking system. They dispatch trucks but have no way of determining where they are until they reach their final destination. This leaves you in the precarious role of having to waste precious time on the phone waiting for information a company like Nilson Van could give you with the push of a button.
  • How can customers track their shipments? Our program relies on names, order numbers, and other protected information to keep tabs on moving vans. This allows for the use of an automated system capable of telling people where their belongings currently are and where they’re headed. Any problems can be identified right away, and corrections—though rarely needed—can be instituted immediately.
  • Who is allowed to check this information? As the employer, you may have reason for tracking shipments, but many times it’s more efficient to let your employee look up this information. Unfortunately, some companies refuse to give this information out to anyone but their direct clients—meaning, in some cases, employers. Other moving companies have very lax rules on confidentiality and will tell nearly anyone whose items are being moved, where they are going and maybe even give them details of shipping container contents.

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