Benefits of Renting a Storage Unit for Your Move

Why rent a storage unit for your move? Take a look at these benefits.

When you are planning for your upcoming residential move, renting a storage unit can be an effective and affordable way to store your belongings between the time you leave your previous home and arrive at your new place. Perhaps you are experiencing complications like a new build that is off schedule or a delayed close date on your new home. Or maybe you have discovered you have too many items to fit in your new space. In situations such as these, renting a storage unit can provide you with the convenient solution you need.

Let’s take a closer look at two major benefits of renting a storage unit for your move:

  1. Selling your house? Get rid of the clutter!

    Being able to put unnecessary items from the home you are trying to sell into a storage unit is a good way to make your home look clutter-free. Any realtor will tell you, homes appearing neat and tidy are far more likely to sell and to sell at a higher price range. When you put your belongings in storage, you will still be able to access them easily when necessary.

  2. Moving into an apartment until your house is ready? Short term storage for the win!

    If you’ve sold your home, but your new place isn’t quite ready, you may need to live in a hotel or apartment for a while. The problem is these smaller spaces can’t even come close to holding all of your belongings. Rent a short term storage unit to hold your items until you need them.

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