Are There Any Items that the Moving Company Won’t Handle for Me?

packed boxes to move Residential moves involve relocating most of the items in your home, but there are some items a moving company won't be able to handle. While it may seem like an inconvenience (we're a moving company, right?), there are four categories of items that are either best transported with you or left behind altogether for a safe trip. Here's a handy list of belongings that need special handling during residential moves:

Pets and Critters

Our moving trucks sail on the highways traveling with the items of your entire home. However, one thing our trucks don't do is provide safe and comfortable conditions for animals. Your pets and critters would rather enjoy the crisp breeze of an air conditioner over the stuffy cabin of a packed moving truck. An occasional treat for the long ride would be nice too. It's best to keep your pets and critters with you or in a designated pet transport during your relocation.

Plants and Flowers

Plants need water, sun, and love to thrive and stay lush-green. Our moving trucks don't travel with their own sun or water supply. We could provide love, but in this case, love just isn’t enough. We advise keeping your plants with you during your move where they'd get the sunshine and water they need.

Hazardous Materials, Flammables, and Combustibles

While most people don't store radioactive materials at home, there are many hazardous materials in your home that a moving company will not be able to handle during your residential move. Some items include aerosols, fireworks, ammunition, oxygen tanks, fuel, medical waste, paints, and many other items considered hazardous by the federal government. If you're uncertain whether any particular object is categorized as being dangerous, just ask us. We're here to help.

Food and Perishables

If you want to save the rest of that creamy chicken pesto penne until you get to your new home, we suggest an icebox and transporting it with you. It won't be edible after a trip in the cabin. You'll also want to empty your fridge of any perishable goods well in advance of your move, or donate any food you're unable to eat. Finding a safe way to handle these items ahead of your big move will make the whole process easy and less messy. We're always here to help at Nilson Van, and we delight in finding solutions for your most challenging relocation needs. No matter what size your move is, it's the perfect size for us to handle for you. If you have questions about residential moves and how we can help, contact us today!

Whether your move is big or small, our skilled movers are dedicated to helping you every step of the way, no matter where life takes you.