3 Ways to Prepare for a Military Relocation

What steps make military moves fast and easy? We’ve got your plan for success.

Military moves can be a major source of stress. With a simple plan for staying organized, you can start your new life in a new place without pulling your hair out. Here are four ways to prepare for a military relocation: 1. Moving Company vs. DIY Members of the military sometimes consider the Do-It-Yourself route, but your actual costs might be more when doing everything on your own. That’s especially true if items get damaged or if you injure yourself with heavy lifting. Besides, the benefits of hiring a full-service mover often pay for themselves in convenience alone. Before you make a final decision, definitely consider full-service movers. 2. Request Several Quotes A word of warning: email and phone quotes usually aren’t binding. You need someone to come to your house, see your belongings, and talk to you about your new place to provide you with an accurate estimate in writing. You’ll want to make sure your mover is a professional and has the insurance needed to protect your goods. 3. Prepare Your Items for the Big Day If you go the full-service route, as many military families do, you can cut down on packing time by grouping your like-items. Pile all your books in one place. Gather your garden tools into a group. You can label each bundle of items with a note about where it should go in your new home too in order to stay better organized once you arrive. Are you looking forward to a military move? Give yourself the breathing room you need to get excited about your new home and the new opportunities you’ll find there. Contact Nilson Van for a team of experts that can provide you with low-stress military moves.

Whether your move is big or small, our skilled movers are dedicated to helping you every step of the way, no matter where life takes you.