3 Tips To Avoid Damages During A Move

broken items moving box

If you are planning for an upcoming residential move, you may find yourself worrying about damages during the moving process. Unfortunately, it happens, and maybe you have heard the horror stories. The good news is there are things you can do before moving day to prepare so you can avoid the horror and hassle and focus on a successful move. Here are three tips to guide you:

#1: Use Padding and Covers for Furniture

Furniture pieces are among the most common items to experience damage during a move. They are big, bulky, and it’s easy to bang them into walls and other hard surfaces, which can nick, crack, or tear the furniture. To minimize the risk of damage, place padding on furniture corners and surfaces. This will protect the pieces from bumps and bruises as they travel to their new location.

#2: Use Top-Quality Packing Materials

If you are worried about damaging specific items, those are the ones that need the best packing materials possible. While it's cost-prohibitive to splurge on high-dollar packing materials for every single item you move, go ahead and invest in the good stuff if there are special items that need a little extra TLC during the move.

#3: Hire a Professional Moving Company

The #1 way to avoid damages during your move is to hire experienced moving professionals you can trust. At Nilson Van and Storage, our movers know how to protect your belongings so you can arrive at your destination damage-free.

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