3 Things to Consider Before You Move into Your First Home

What surprises pop up during residential moves? Hope for the best while we help you prepare for the worst.

Residential moves into first homes are so much more complicated than moving between dorms or apartments. Not only do you have more responsibilities, but it takes a long time to organize your house. How can you simplify? Hiring a professional company can help. Here are three things to consider before moving into your first house: 1. Someone Has to Let Your Movers In Having someone available to access your new home is especially important for people who are moving across the country. Whether you’re taking a plane, train, or automobile, you need to make sure someone can open the house once your movers arrive. This might mean flying in early, so a flight delay doesn’t interfere with your moving plans or connecting with your realtor in the event of an emergency. What happens if no one’s home? It depends on the company you choose for your move. At Nilson Van, we place your items into short-term storage and will deliver them later. However, this comes at an additional cost. 2. Sometimes It’s Cheaper to Replace an Item Than to Take It With You It’s common for someone to lug their old college sofa to their first real home and store it down in the basement. What better makings for a man cave, right? The problem is that the couch might not be worth very much. The cost of your move depends on weight and time, so a heavy item might wind up costing more to move than the item is worth. To save money, it’s a good idea to pare down your belongings before you pack. 3. To Stay Organized, Take Notes No one wants to waste money replacing items you can’t find after a big move, but that’s what often happens when you can’t remember exactly where you put your socks or hair dryer. If you don’t label your boxes with detailed notes, you might not remember what you put in each one. It’s a good idea to mark contents down as you go, either on the outside of the box or in a notebook corresponding to your box label. Are you facing a move into your first home? Don’t fret! Schedule your residential move with Nilson Van & Storage today to save time and money, and reduce your stress.

Whether your move is big or small, our skilled movers are dedicated to helping you every step of the way, no matter where life takes you.