3 Qualities to Look for In a Moving Company

What do you need from a moving company during a long-distance move? These are the traits and benefits you should seek for best results. Long-distance moves can stress out the family and lead to significant hassle and unexpected expenses if you lack organization or don’t have a system to get the job done. Finding the right moving company for the task makes all the difference. Knowing they have a proven, streamlined system in place to handle a wide range of moving situations will bring you peace of mind! Look out for these three essential qualities when hiring a company for a long-distance move:

1. They offer protection for lost and damaged items.

Anyone can show up with a truck offering to help move your items. It doesn’t mean your belongings will make it to their new home in one piece. Make sure your moving company covers lost and damaged items. Before you move, figure out what’s needed to file a claim. Some companies require you to check everything after unloading and report any issues right away. Others invalidate claims if your shipment contains certain items, like paint cans or perishable goods.

2. They provide packing, supplies and shipping services.

At Nilson Van & Storage, we make sure your valuables stay safe during transit. We offer our customers a full range of specialty packing supplies at affordable costs. For those without the time or ability to pack their own items, we offer a comprehensive moving service. Not only do we spare you the backaches involved in lifting heavy furniture but the headaches involved in unpacking your boxes.

3. They cannot provide you with a guaranteed estimate online.

There are two kinds of estimates in the moving industry. The first is a rough estimate, which is essentially a “best guess.” Companies often base these prices on the distance you’re moving, plus the number of rooms in your home or its square footage. They don’t take into consideration the specialty needs of antique furniture, musical instruments or other belongings. They don’t usually factor in navigating tight stairwells or high-traffic areas either. Because of this, the lowest online estimate you receive might result in paying a much higher price than if you’d gone with a competitor. It is always best to call and request a written, guaranteed quote. Trust our team at Nilson Van & Storage to make your long-distance move successful and as stress-free as possible. Connect with us online for your free quote today!

Whether your move is big or small, our skilled movers are dedicated to helping you every step of the way, no matter where life takes you.