2 Unexpected Truths about Office Moves

What’s the truth about office moves? Get the details on what to expect, including some surprising truths, from the office moving experts at Nilson Van. If you are planning your first office move, you may be wondering what to expect. You likely know a commercial or corporate relocation is different than a residential move, and you want to prepare yourself and your staff for what’s to come during the process. Keep reading to learn two unexpected truths about office moves to set your business up for success.

#1: You Will Need More Boxes than You Think

Are you in charge of purchasing the boxes, crates, bubble wrap, and wrapping paper for the office move? Go ahead and double what you think you need to purchase. It's frustrating to have to stop in the middle of packing to send employees out to buy more supplies. One benefit of working with an experienced office relocation company is they will determine how many packing supplies you need, so you can pay for only what you require for the job. While you don’t want to run short, it’s also a pain to have costly leftovers. A moving company will help you get it just right.

#2: Your Employees Don’t Want to Be the Movers

Moving is stressful for employees and managers alike. The process can be a significant disruption to their daily work routine. However, if you ask them to be responsible for packing up their offices and moving boxes, the disruption increases from a few days to much longer. Plus, it can be a drain on employee energy levels and morale. You can avoid irritating your valued employees by letting professional movers pack up their offices, including sensitive equipment and electronics. Then, they will be able to remain focused on their jobs and the task of transitioning to a new workspace. At Nilson Van and Storage, we have a streamlined system for office relocations. We know your business can’t afford to stand-still during the moving process, which is why we handle everything, so you can keep productivity as high as possible. Rather than worrying about buying more bubble wrap or frustrating your employees with moving tasks, you can entrust the entire process to our capable professional movers. Connect with us online now to learn more about our commercial moving services, or to request an estimate for your upcoming office move.

Whether your move is big or small, our skilled movers are dedicated to helping you every step of the way, no matter where life takes you.