2 Benefits of Professional Movers for Moving Valuables

Hiring professional movers is ideal, especially when moving valuables during your residential move. There are many reasons to hire a professional mover but protecting valuables during your residential move is one benefit you don’t want to overlook. Depending on the price of the valuable items, hiring a professional moving company can pay for itself if using the service avoids loss or damage. Here are two more benefits you can experience when you trust the moving pros with the job:

#1: Identification of Risks

The average person who packs their own items will know which items are particularly valuable or worth paying extra attention to; however, they might not always know what potential dangers exist when moving the item. For example, when packing the family’s fine china, you will know that there is a risk of breakage from dropping the box. But did you know that damage to porcelain can occur when it’s stored in extreme temperatures or is subject to extreme variations in temperature? This means valuable porcelain will also need to have special insulation or travel in a temperature-controlled environment. Professional movers will understand these risks and take them into account throughout the packing and moving process.

#2: Packing Expertise

Most homeowners might think they know how to pack a delicate item properly, but their assumption can sometimes be tragically wrong. Wrapping an item in the ever-popular newspaper may not be enough; the item may require bubble wrap to avoid damage, or it might require a special box. When you hire professional movers, they know the proper ways to pack a variety of valuable and fragile items, which can provide you with tremendous peace of mind and confidence during the move.

Trust Nilson Van with Your Residential Move for Best Results

It pays to hire a professional moving company, especially when it comes to protecting priceless or expensive valuables. The next time you’re considering hiring a mover, our team at Nilson Van and Storage would love to show you how the experts do it. Get in touch with us today to get a quote before your residential move.

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